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I purchased this car in Nagano, Japan.

In Japan, this car sells as a "yellow plate". This is a category for vehicles with engine sizes of 650cc or less. Yellow plated cars are subject to lower registration charges and insurance costs. Because of this, owning this car in Japan has been considerably less expensive than owning my Jetta when...

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Redesigned Daihatsu Mira is Japan's top fuel miser
...We talk about kei cars whenever we can here on Autoblog because we're fascinated by the little Japanese mini-rides. They manage to be spacious, practical, and even stylish despite the size and power constraints placed on them by Japanese regulations. The newest one to hit dealerships is the 7th-gen...

Japan: Daihatsu launches seventh generation Mira
...Toyota 's mini-vehicle subsidiary, Daihatsu, has announced the seventh generation Mira in Japan. Daihatsu claims that that the new Mira, which will be known as the Charade in overseas markets, has a new platform and two new three-cylinder gasoline engi...

Daihatsu Mira News
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